Print your own Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Game Card sticker





  • Before you replace the sticker on your R4 card, take a picture of it! You’ll probably have to update its software in the future, and it’ll help to know what it looked like.
  • Print the sticker on glossy sticker paper. I don’t recommend trying to stick normal paper to your R4 card, as the extra thickness could damage the contacts inside your Nintendo DS.
  • Look for an “actual size” setting when you print, and use the highest quality settings your printer allows.
  • For extra authenticity, cut off the bottom left-hand corner, and print off the official box art (the PDF comes bundled with the fan translation patch).

Like, it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough that I figured someone else might want to do it. *shrug*

The Capcom staff also assured me the localization team recently ran another edit pass on all the dialogue to help eliminate stray typos. I didn’t encounter any during my brief hands-on time, so…looking good so far!

IGN’s Scott Butterworth on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

D-Does that mean… the miracle finally happen?!